SoundSon Collective


The SoundSon Project is a web-based environment in which composers or students living in different countries create a common sound composition through an ongoing exchange of sounds. This project was created as experimental approach to audio sharing and collaborative composition. The exchange of sounds does not take place in real time, but allows the composition to develop in a building process over a period of time. The resulting composition varies depending on the age and background of the participants. With students with little musical training the final piece may be closer to a sound collage than to a musical composition. The participants in the Soundson exchange use as raw sound materials sounds captured from the real world, including spoken word, sounds produced by objects, environmental sounds or any captured sound event coming from the audible world. This practice creates musical results, which break the boundaries of traditional electro-acoustic music, blending in the elements from radio art, audio art and sound poetry. Until now the Soundson Project has been developing in two directions simultaneously: as an educational model and as an approach to collaborative composition.