Collaborative Compositions


Since its conception in 2000 the Soundson platform has been a creative communication tool for its authors as composers, allowing them to explore together various forms of collaborative sound compositions. In their works they attempt to create a real fusion between musical and narrative aspects of the recorded soundscape, which constitute the main building material for the compositions. They use recordings of their respective environments, of events that occurred to them, of various poetic texts and commentaries. From these recordings they choose the ones that seem the most expressive and evocative. In a composition process they collectively create, in a course of an ongoing exchange of raw sound materials and composed fragments, a poetic and musical language that carries sonic memories and at the same time that constitutes an unique and coherent musical composition. In 2007, with the Laptop Connection project, they have expanded the scope of their artistic explorations by inviting other artists and composers living in different countries to join their activities, thus creating an international forum for sound artists and composers to experiment with collective composition in a particular context where each artist works constantly in connection with and in reference to another culture.

Current Projects:

Room of Mirrors


Our performance Room of Mirrors” aims to create a setting in which individual perceptions will merge in search of collective sensitivity and expression. We are proposing to organize a project of composing an original collective work assembled out of our recordings which will document the Inter-face Conference itself. We imagine this process to enfold in two stages: field recording during the conference, and its sequel, a collective composition on line.
We will record sounds that eventually will constitute a kaleidoscopic portrait of the event in a form of a bank of sounds. Any time and place within the conference will become a stage for recording: installations, exhibitions, paper sessions, performances, workshops, discussions, intermissions, meals, cityscapes in areas immediately surrounding the conference buildings, etc. Therefore recordings will include soundscapes, spoken voice and music. This bank of sounds will be built throughout the duration of the conference.
All the sounds from the conference will become building materials for a collective work we will compose, possibly with the participation of artists involved in the conference. We will initiate the composition process on line after the closure of the conference. We will invite all the conference’s participants to join us in this project. Building of this work will not take place in real time, thus allowing the composition to grow gradually over a period of time. “Room of Mirrors” is a performance that explores two levels of interfaces between a person and his/her sonic environment: 1. a recording device; 2. an on line environment, which we have devised, facilitating collective composition from different locations.
Technology we use in our work is widely accessible, our focus lying in creating meaningful relationships with one’s sonic environment, interesting human connections through sound composition, and finally, in exploring the idiosyncrasies of sound works created collectively.
We share the objective of Anne-Marie Skiver Hansen who aims “to move focus from human- computer interaction to the human-human interaction that happens through the use of a computer system, where the tangible-usable medium is a facilitator and mediator of an array of socio- aesthetic relationships”.

Project 17


En hommage aux 17 victimes de la tuerie de Paris en Janvier 2015, nous, Soundson Collective: Wiska Radkiewicz et Andrea Cohen, avons créé un espace en ligne à investir avec des sons. Nous sollicitons donc 17 compositeurs, artistes sonores et radiophoniques, preneurs de sons, et toute personne pour qui le son est porteur de sens, afin de participer à ce projet. Chaque artiste engagé au moyen de sa propre pratique créative honorera une victime; ces matières sonores simples ou composes pouvant compter voix, textes, musiques, ambiances sonores, bruitages, etc. seront nos objets déposés en lignes, comme furent déposés fleurs, crayons, livres ou bougis sur les lieux des attentats. Ainsi apparaîtront progressivement 17 propositions sonores comme pour prolonger les vies brutalement stoppées. Tel un tissage, ces propositions sonores pourront être ensuite reprises, modifiées, mélangées, juxtaposées, recomposés. A quel moment s’arrêter? Nous saurons quand le silence de lui même s’imposera.

As a memorial to the 17 victims of the Paris massacre in January 2015, we (Soundson Collective: Wiska Radkiewicz and Andrea Cohen) are creating an online space to be filled with sounds. We are looking for 17 composers, sound and radio artists, sound collectors or anyone who considers sound to be meaningful - to engage in this project. Each of us will honor a single victim by adding the tribute of sounds or sound pieces to the physical memorials: flowers, images, pencils, books and so on- which already exist. Any sonic occurrence: voices, music, texts, field recordings, noises or anything audible will be suitable for this homage. The 17 sonic textures will then progressively emerge as if in continuation of lives cut short. Afterwards, we might want to upload these sonic responses in order to modify them, to mix or juxtapose them; in other words, to recompose them into another sonic incarnation. When will we stop? We will know when to say no more.

Completd Projects:

City Soundings (2011)


City-Soundings is a collaborative project in which a variety of cityscapes were recorded by several composers in different countries are collectively assembled into a unique composition. This work, composed in three stages, reflects and combines several compositional styles brought by all participating artists. To compose this collaborative work, we invited sound artists and composers from several countries to participate. Each person recorded and uploaded three soundscapes from their respective cities. After the bank of sounds was completed, we have asked each artist to compose and upload one or several short (maximum 2 minutes) fragments using all the sounds previously uploaded. In the last stage, the final composition emerged after each participant modified the piece in the predetermined order.
List of participating artists:
Steven Brown (UK)
Marek Choloniewski (Poland)
Victoria Estok (USA)
Janete El Haouli (Brasil)
Brad Garton (USA)
Andrew Hugill (UK)
Malle Maltis (Estonia)
Hernan Risso Patron (Argentina)
Franziska Schoeder (Ireland)
Susanne Skog (Sweden)
Andreï Smirnof (Russia)
Marie Wennersten (Sweden)
Lidia Zielinska (Poland)
Andrea Cohen & Wiska Radkiewicz The piece has been played during the conference "Music and sound ecology" organised by Makis Solomos at the University Paris VIII in Paris, in May 2013 and during the conference" Invisible Places" that took place in Viseu, Portugal in August 2014. The piece has been broadcasted at the International day of Radio creation in Paris in June 2011 and at the radio Festival Conak in Serbia in November 2014.

A Deux Voix, Moments (2009)


For many years we were corresponding with sounds sending to each other recordings of our respective environments, of events that occurred to us, of various poetic texts and commentaries. In this matter we acquired an extended collection of recordings that depicted our respective lives.These recordings became the main building material for the piece. We also included recordings of our instrumental improvisations, Wiska playing piano and myself accordion as well as fragments of the Schubert’s fantasia for four hands that we played together. Finally we used sounds that symbolize our exchange, for example the sound of the ping-pong game. From all these material we have chosen the ones that seemed to us the most expressive and evocative To compose this piece we decided to use exclusively editing and mixing techniques without any sound processing. We attempted to create together a poetic and musical language that carries the memory of moments from our past and at the same time that constitutes an unique and coherent musical composition. We attempted to create a real fusion between musical and narrative aspects of the sound materials. This piece was selected to be presented at the Radiophonic creation day that took place in Paris 2009, was included in the Radio At Compilation series " Deep Wireless 7 produced by New Adventures in Sound art ( NAISA) in 2010 in Toronto, Canada and presented in the exhibition " Of Other Faces" as a part of the Typology project, curated by Shany Parsons in Toronto, Canada in 2014.

Laptop connections(2007)


Andrea Cohen and Wiska Radkiewicz, the authors of the SoundSon project, have been asked to participate in the "Laptop connections", a performance designed, created and realized by Steve Brown, Joe Pino, David Huston and Rick Thomas.
'Laptop Connections' is an installation/performance that was created in real time by sound designers and composers positioned in Prague and in various locations all around the world. Artists and designers involved Richard Thomas, Dave Swenson, Ian Hunter, Ron Shoemaker, Jason Ducat, Rob James, Matt Brisbin, Fabian Winkler, Harold Mueller, Andrea Cohen and Wiska Radkiewicz. Andrea Cohen and Wiska Radkiewicz have invited a composer Philippe Mion and his students of EMA (Ecoles Municipales Artistiques de Vitry sur Seine) to participate in the event. Joe Pino organized the event, with support from Davin Huston, Cait Janpol, and Jason Ducat.

On June 18th, 2007 the group setup a wireless Internet connection at the Marysakovo Railway Station in the Heart of Prague to stage a great sonic happening for the travelers at the station and PQ Scenofest Participants. Sonic artists settled with their laptop computers into locations setup to interact with other Laptoppers around the globe.
Destinations: Paris, Praga, San Francisco, West Layette and Lake Constance.
The Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana USA) participants were located at the railway station with their laptos and a small, portable sound system; they were working live over the internet with Dave Swenson and Ian Hunter in San Francisco, California, USA, Andrea Cohen, Wiska Radkiewicz, Philippe Mion and his students in Paris, France, and Fabian Winkler, Harald Mueller and Mark Kammerbauer in Germany. They used Skype to communicate with each other, and to share sounds in (more or less) real time between the three locations. They also used a combination of Flash/Max MSP software to generate real time MIDI control commands to manipulate each other's data remotely.
Each group in each city took turns sending original, spontaneously generated/recorded sounds from their city to the other locations (e.g., the sounds which were generated live from the Masarykovo Railway Station were then transmitted to Paris, Germany and San Francisco).  Participants on the receiving end recorded the transmitted sounds, processed them in whatever method they desired, and then rebroadcast them to the other locations. This process continued for the two-hour duration of the "live event." Each time the processed sounds were received from either location, they were broadcast live over a portable sound system at the train station.
At the end of the event, each team in each city have received a number of processed sound files. After the live event, each team used the files they have received to create short (i.e., less than 1:00) compositions that were played back in the main Prague Quadrennial Hall at the V˝staviště Exhibitions Grounds as a "Babel Bell" on the following day, June 19th, 2007.

List of participants:

Dave Swenson
   San Francisco, California USA
Ian Hunter
   San Francisco, California, USA
Andrea Cohen
   Paris, France
Wiska Radkiewicz
   Paris, France
Ron Shoemaker
   West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Jason Ducat
   West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Rob James
   West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Matt Brisbin
   West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Fabian Winkler
   Lake Constance, Germany
Harald F. Mueller
   Lake Constance, Germany
Mark Kammerbauer