In a pedagogical context the goal of the Soundson Project is to explore the educational potential of shared composition through sound exchanges between groups living in different countries and having different cultural backgrounds. Students communicate through the medium of sounds, rather than language. The cultural/musical interaction takes place in all the stages of the project and in each one of them the students are confronted with the ideas provided by their partners. It is possible to distinguish two stages in the Soundson activities: the exploration of sound environment and the process of sound composition, both always featuring an ongoing exchange between participants. Thus, in the early stage of recording sounds and exchanging them, students learn "how to listen", while also listening to the environment of others. By exploring their own and other sound worlds students discover the representative and expressive qualities of sound. In the second composition stage students compose fragments, exchange them and build a collaborative work from progressively longer fragments. I this process student share musical ideas and become aware of the variety of different ways in which sounds can be organized or composed. They discover, too, the possibilities of montage, not only as a technique of editing, but also as an artistic tool. In short, our program is an initiation to sound environment, sound recording, sound editing and mixing, and to music composition, through the process of exchange of recorded sounds between the participants. The educational benefits of the project are multidisciplinary: musical, technological, cultural and environmental.

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